Thursday, October 1, 2009

On with the Handbrake at Coraki Golf Today

Just got home after playing Vets golf at Coraki and played with someone that at best is a cheat amongst other things . Told me VERY early in the round he needed to have 73 net to save his handicap for the George Gooley Open in a few weeks and needed to get to 12 . The sad part is he was playing that well overall he should have almost had par off the stick reaching pars 5s in 2 etc. Yes , hes a vet , had a 38 or so on the front with an OB , scrambled beautifully and putted out of his shoes , UNTIL THE LAST 3 HOLES AND HAD 11 or 12 putts including 3 putting from 2 feet with an open putter face !

Yep I lost it , called him ever expletive I know , "You f ..... g , ch......g c....t and it was water off a ducks back. He didn't give a stuff . A VERY VERY SAD way to live your life if the only highlight is cheating at golf .

OK , OFF the soapbox . The rest of the vets , or at least the guys I have played with are a great bunch of blokes.


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