Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vision Golf Ball Testing 2010

 Thursday ... Played with the "yellow" , VERY easy to locate on the fairway and even in the rough on a very  overcast day . They DON'T float  and was about a club shorter than my normal ball  .  Won the "putts"  with 25 including a 3 so will gladly  give 10 to have those putting stats ANY DAY..   IT seemed to roll  "very cleanly"   if that makes sense   .

Having a bit of fun testing some golf balls from Vision Golf  ,  No , they are NOT freebies  :)
Anyway   I have spent about 10 hours  pitching , putting , chipping  and up to a 7 iron " in"    with these and a few control balls as well  comparing  apples and oranges .  My normal ball was a Titleist NXT Tour  and now a 2010 DT Solo( to give you some idea of what I wack ) and used a few Srixon SFs in the tests as well . I don't like "rocks" and cant compress the "big boys" balls either... so that's why I like Solos . Not as long off the tee but I like it around the green.    I will add to this blog after next Thursday as I am going to play a comp round with  the Visions to see how I go ..


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