Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ballina Community Gardens July 2012

Looking South East
Through a strange quirk of fate  I met "Michelle" at a stall yesterday and discovered Ballina Community Gardens.  I dont know why there arent more of these in every town and city in the country , it isnt as if there isnt many , many acres  lying around that councils spend many , many dollars a year mowing and maintaining . And while I imagine a lot of red tape needs to be sorted  this one is having an OPEN DAY  on Sunday 29th of this month from 10 am until 2pm  for their 1st birthday .I will be there , cameras in hand ...

They have a website    Ballina Community Gardens    and are on Facebook as well .

If anyone is interested  to look at  photos I took this morning go to this LINK  to Photobucket .

It is amazing what these people have achieved in such a short time and I take my hat off to ALL of them..


"parlez vous francais ?" "Oui ."
Down by the compost bins

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