Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chasing the History of my Dads Family . Hoult / Holt

Most of this is off my website from a few years ago after I hit "the brick wall" . We all know what that is so I am now having another attempt to see if the world has changed in the past 5 years !

Anyone finding this blog  searching for Genealogy or family history  of the Holts  / Hoults / Vine or Vines  from in or around Loughborough, Leicestershire / Leicester or Stanford on Soar or anywhere in Nottinghamshire 1700 or 1800s please  contact me . Also anyone related to John Hoult / Holt  and Ann  "Vine ? " or any descendants of their children , John , William, Samuel Walter , James , Eliza or Hugo ( all born early 1800s )  who read this I would gratefully appreciate any information you could supply.

 Someone in Loughborough must have had a great great  grandfather  called "hugo hoult" or "samuel walter hoult" ?
They are like my name "John Vine Holt" ,  historically very few instances of useage.
Mums SIDE  (this is all OK )

The  SCHOFIELD/s of Eastern Creek and the JAMES history .
The OLIVER/s  and BALL/s  

The GERAGHTY / FOLEY information is from 2 books written by "Sister Bride Baldwin " called "Opening the Geraghty Book" and "The Geraghty Story Continues 2003....."  There is a huge amount of information in these books and I was lucky enough to meet the two sisters at Dorrigo a few years ago .

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