Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coraki Veterans Open Golf Day 2012

I went to Coraki Golf Club today to catch up with a few guys I played golf with there a year or so ago and to take a few photos of their 2012 Vets Open  Golf Day sponsored by the Summerland Credit Union Lismore .  The young bloke in the photo must be a rep for the  credit union because he sure isn't over 55 . ( A prerequisite for playing veterans golf .)
The weather was exceptional for the day  and Max told me there was around 131 players  in two shotgun starts , 7:30 am and 12:30 pm to fit them in . Northern Rivers veterans golf goes from Yamba , Iluka up to  Club Banora and Cooolangatta Tweed Heads  and out as far as Woodenbong and I have even been to Bonalbo  for their Open Day . 

All these blokes have three things in common , yes they are over 55 , yes they are breathing  and yes they can still hack their way around a golf course .  I don't think their swings or their scores are of much importance to 99 % of them ...

I have put 60 plus photos on   my Photobucket site   and if you want to view and then download them use this link please.      Coraki Veterans Open Golf Day 2102 

 Added 6th FYI    A bit of Northern Rivers  and NSW Veterans golf information  if anyone is interested .

This  is a link to the Northern Rivers District Golf Association and while not just vets it gives you a yearly program if you are around the area on holidays and looking for a hit . Unless its club championships Im sure most if not all clubs will welcome you with open arms . Coraki would for sure .

This one is for vets only and is the  New South Wales Veteran Golfers Association and if you are that way inclined you could golf your way around New South Wales  and have a great golfing holiday for almost 12 months of the year , if not just have a great golfing week almost  anywhere in NSW and I know there is a NSW 2012 sand greens comp on out west every year as well , this year Walcha  . Never played on sand but one day maybe , pitching wedge ,  putter and the corset :) 


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