Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aussie Triples Motorbike Rally 2013 BALLINA NSW

I went out yesterday to look at the Aussie British Triples Rally  and experimented with new camera settings for panning ( My Achilles heal )  Bad move Holty... I will sneak back today and try again.
 Maybe I'm trying for the impossible but no pain , no gain .:)

As usual there are some truly beautiful bikes and the even more usual stories of how and why .  If you weren't part of bikes in the 60 and early 70s  you may not understand but this is the era that the British motorcycle industry  became almost extinct ..   The red Legend  gets my "peoples choice"  and I will always have a soft spot for a Hurricane , almost  Holty . I got a BMW instead . :)

Bentley Hall
I like it :)
Almost Holty , almost !

There is a Hi Res photo of the Legend here  .  Use  the link and then just click on the photo and continue clicking on  the little  magnifier bottom right until it says "view original "   Note . About 6 meg for you slow internet access people . (Like me  !  Dodo :) )
Very clean and VERY unique

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