Friday, September 27, 2013

NRCMCC RALLY 2013 Friday and Saturday Photos

NOTE added Sunday.   A guy got cleaned up yesterday morning on his way to the Saturday ride. I'm only hearing it 3rd hand but having been there on 3 occasions  in the last 6 years be VERY ,VERY   CAREFUL when overtaking a farmer on a tractor  ANYWHERE .

Friday is my day , I get to play around photographing the "older" bikes  and then play around trying to  make the photos  look last century .     As usual the photos  are on Photobucket  HERE .

I have also added a photo only page on Facebook  recently that may make it easier for people to find all photos or at least point them in the right direction .Just type in Holtys Photos  in the search bar or click on the link  . If  you are  not a Facebook fan  ,  just  type  holty1352  in any browser search engine ...

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