Sunday, November 3, 2013

Broadwater Sugar Mill Photos November 2013

4:30 am 3 seconds hand held .
I was lucky enough to have a few hours  free and be " in the right place at the right time " to get photos of cane being cut  but of more importance , the mill in the background with both stacks working .  To the guys operating the machinery it is more than likely " just  a job "   but I can watch the cutter in action for hours . Whoever designed it is a bloody genius .   I have put 9  reasonable quality photos  on Photobucket  here   BROADWATER MILL PHOTOS   if you want  to copy any of them . If for whatever reason you publish them just add my name please ! :)

Holtys Photos .
2mm of rain would have sorted the dust :)

And I recovered 50 golf balls ! :)

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