Sunday, November 17, 2013

Moo Moo Roadhouse is alive and Rocking , NO BULL !

The Moo Moo Roadhouse opening
On my way back from the Gold Coast  a few months ago  we had lunch at Tumbulgum  Pub  and drove back through Mooball  and must say it was sad to see the Moo Moo closed .  Well not anymore , it is now  happening and  after yesterday I cant see why it wont for years to come .  Well done to all concerned and having the guts to have a go .  Heaps of good food ,  unleaded , premium and diesel  fuel if needed and you could easily spend and hour looking ( any buying ) all the collectibles in the place . I even bumped into an old mate I haven't seen in almost 40 years ! :)

Holtys Photos  are now on Facebook.

 I took a few photos  that  you can find here and remember to click on the little "magnifier"   bottom right  on each photo TWICE to  "view original "   Moo Moo Roadhouse Photos  .   

A small sample of some of the Moo Moo food.

Outside the Moo Moo Roadhouse.

Motorbike friendly Moo Moo ! :)

Gidday Pete .

Inside part of the Moo Moo Roadhouse collectables area

MoonDog at the Moo Moo .

All types of 4 wheels.

And two wheels .

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