Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Northern Rivers Team Penning Alstonville Nov 2013

Hot Rods Friday , horses Sunday .  On a mission to try to photograph horses eyes while working  I rocket up unannounced to Alstonville Showground  where the NRTP  guys and girls hold their events .. Because  of how dry it is around here lately the dust and wind made it impossible on the day so I hung around for a few hours and took a few " Holty Happy Snaps ".
 After the reception I got from the organiser of a  motorbike event at Lismore a few weeks ago . these people come from a different planet . I was blown away by the amount of people that said hello , all with a smile and the most common sound I heard while I was there was laughter ,  even the cattle where in cruise mode :)

 I will definitely go  back and try again until I get it right .   There are 20 or so photos  here   .

Holtys Photos are now on Facebook

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