Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Old Black and White Motorbike Photos

 My real hobby , finding old motorbikes in rally's , taking photos of them  and  trying to make the photo  look  original  . These aren't posed photos , these guys or girls don't even know I have taken it until I tell them AFTER  and give them the link to copy them  ( NO CHARGE  .)  :)  There are a lot of bikes but most people now wear full face helmets and HI VIS  jackets ( for all the right reasons ) so getting a one off shot wrong may take 12 months to re shoot   at  best if I'm lucky . It also helps if  someone proactive  gives me a route map  or lets me know  ( when politely requested ) where they are going so I can go out early or even the day before to  work out background , sun position etc .   This doesn't always happen  and I have a long memory  . Holty.

The first two were taken a few months ago at the NRCMCC Rally Photos 2013 

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