Thursday, June 2, 2016

Downunder Beachfest 2016 Photos Caloundra QLD

Downunder Beachfest 2016
Went up to Caloundra last week to get a few pics in and around Caloundra Qld for the 2nd Beachfest .I was there mainly trying to get photos of the cars "out and about "  being driven  more than the Show and Shine  in  Bulcock Street on Saturday...

NOTE to NON Facebook users
 Click on the link below and it will take you to a photo sharing website with the same  photos  that you can copy for free.  If this is too confusing ask your grand kids to show you  . :)

Downunder Beachfest 2016 Photos on  Holtys Photos Web Page

Downunder Beachfest 2016 Photos link to the album on Holtys Photos Facebook page . They are in "timeline" order  from Thursday  until about 11 am on Sunday ,See you next  Holty

 2016  Downunder Beachfest Photos 

This is a link to an Album on Holtys Photos Facebook page showing last years event  

A few I like from this year  

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