Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 Aussie Triples Rally Northern Rivers NSW Australia

The 7th Aussie Triples Rally is on this weekend  August 19 - 21st . based at Evans Head  but venturing out and about the Northern Rivers  on daily rides over the 3 days .     I will add an album  on Holtys Photos Facebook  page  and also on Photobucket ( for the old farts)   as soon as possible after the event ...  
2016 Aussie Triples PHOTOS link  for Facebook 

PLEASE NOTE  for non Facebook users this is a link to the same photos on Photobucket where you can copy the files photos for free.   And one more time for the "old farts"  please use the directions below.  CLICK on the "wheel" icon on the top right of each pic , THEN click on DOWNLOAD  . NOTE: Remember where YOUR computer  puts the files .  It may go to "Desktop"  or may go to your "Pictures" folder by default ...  This is for Windows users ONLY.... Mac users I have NFI .

USE this link to access the 2016 photo album  on Photobucket please...

2016 Aussir Triples PHOTOS on Photobucket LINK

This is a link to the 2015 Album on Facebook if anyone is interested . 

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