Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Holtys Photos NEW web page for Photo Sharing

Effective immediately  I will be using a different  site for photo sharing  . WHY ? because it is ad free  , has no  restrictions  and I have modified  it ( simplify  )   for all the "old farts" out there I know that are basically computer illiterate  ( when it suits them ) .

I had added a few albums  for people to get used to  using it but basically   find the album you are looking for ,  left CLICK on it  . scroll through the  pages of thumbnails  to find your photo then  left CLICK  on it  to enlarge it .   To copy the file RIGHT CLICK  on it and save it to  wherever you wish to  put it on your computer...

As usual , if this is STILL TOO confusing  ask your grandkids to do it .....Holty..

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