Thursday, September 20, 2018

2018 Bargara Beach Rod Run Photos

Went  up to Bundaberg and Bargara Beach   for the Rum City Rods and Customs   2018 Rod Run  . Photos are on Facebook   and the website  as well . They are   in  a rough time line order   over the 3 days   . Holty 

Note: Photos are readily available  to copy by individuals for STRICTLY    Non Commercial use ONLY   ...

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Contrary to Popular Belief by Some .....................

NOT ALL the World  lives on  Social Media  ..

Was fortunate enough to get an invite to  attend the  HMCCQ  Centenary Veteran Motorcycle Rally based out of the  Flinders Peak Winery  north of Boondah SE Qld  a few months ago .  Knowing full well  most would not be on ANY Social Media platforms   gave the organisers  the link to an album  put up of photos I liked from the first four  days of the event  on the website  at a better resolution and filesize  for them to copy WITHOUT bugging me . :) 

I just rechecked the stats  and the "single image views"  are now over 80,000  World Wide  with  8,065 in the last 30 days  even though the event  was  3 months ago !!!  

Remember its Holtys NOT Holties

Sunday, September 2, 2018

" Find yourself a HOBBY you can still physically do ! "

OK , a short blurb  . Well it is  a blog after all  Holty  and knowing you it wont be short ...


 If you know me at all  you already know  I only got back into  hobby photography  ( as in I dont wish  to earn money , its MY release )   a few years ago  after my Spinal Surgeon  and a few other  "wise ones "  suggested strongly  that  all that  good stuff was over , even playing any sport including golf   .  Hmm .  Worried , no not really I got to 60  and that's about  40 more than a lot of people gave me ....


The brain still works like Im about 30  and never stops  24/7  so for the last few years I have been looking at   various forms of remote shooting  for the cameras  . Even make a few  test rigs   and all the other usual stuff   . Sticking  GoPros  on base plates  or   poles  , pocket cameras  on  window washing  extension poles   and remote  Hahnel Captur Wifi triggers  for the DSLRs   , putting ladders on the back of the ute   and the list goes on .    All a bit of fun but not  even close to what was in my head  because I wanted  the  quality   photos off a DSLR   but nothing would hold  or operate correctly with the weight  ...I currently  have a Wireless Gopro  ,  Canon  wireless on the G7X mk2   , Camfi   , Camfo Pro   and have just started with using DSLR Controller  ( but only tethered to a tablet  or the laptop at present . )  Im also keeping an eye on  Arsenal   and  for WiFi  Pan and Tilt  heads   will wait until  1st Qtr 2019  to have a play with the new  CamRanger 2 

Now the STRANGE  part  and the reason for this blog 
By chance and at some ungodly hour on the net   I stumbled  across   the EXACT  SOLUTION  to one half of my challenge and that allows me to get off climbing up  ladders on the back of the  ute  .  Now the weird part  , been looking for years  and then  within  a matter of minutes find two almost IDENTICAL products  in  Europe  , even the same area  and at the EXACT  same  price  for the unit Im was  interested in .  Well they LOOK the same Holty ?  Yep we have ALL been there haven't we  buying sight unseen off the web !!!!

Same company  ?  different marketing strategies ?  different client base ?   Even went along the line of two brothers  / partners  fallen out ?     Anyway NOT my problem  , just want some information   BEFORE I  commit  to   "online "  purchasing something I cant see or test from the other side of the world  and with our  dollar being  down at present  a bit  rich for  this black duck ...

Bottom LINE 

Sent a few emails to both  and received a reply from one in  a very short time  and have had MANY more   back and forth  answering my myriad  of questions   since . The other ? NO idea as I  haven't heard back from either of the two  emails I sent a few days apart   !  
Like I mentioned in the 1st sentence " If you know me "   you  will ALREADY  know my answer  . Im not the slightest interested  in whats going on over there  , they are out of my space and not in my face  so each to their own .. 

The unit I went with is from John  at  PHOTOMAST  and is in transit  from the EU and currently in the air .  (  The link I used is the .com  ENGLISH  website )   Also if anyone is interested   there is a  demonstration  video of   the unit Im getting here .  I still smile watching it  that this is almost  identical to what has been in my head  , even down to a  " stabliliser foot plate " !!!! 

Photomast MK2- Pole Aerial Photography  video  

The mind is a wonderful thing  if we use it  and  NO , I wont  mention  the other brand . NO FREE advertising here for something I know NOTHING about ..


To be continued when I receive and field test it at a few upcoming events over the next   month or so   or more than likely I will do a separate  blog   save you scrolling through all this again    Holty....  

Footnote : Remember its Holtys Photos NOT Holties