Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Contrary to Popular Belief by Some .....................

NOT ALL the World  lives on  Social Media  ..

Was fortunate enough to get an invite to  attend the  HMCCQ  Centenary Veteran Motorcycle Rally based out of the  Flinders Peak Winery  north of Boondah SE Qld  a few months ago .  Knowing full well  most would not be on ANY Social Media platforms   gave the organisers  the link to an album  put up of photos I liked from the first four  days of the event  on the website  at a better resolution and filesize  for them to copy WITHOUT bugging me . :) 

I just rechecked the stats  and the "single image views"  are now over 80,000  World Wide  with  8,065 in the last 30 days  even though the event  was  3 months ago !!!  

Remember its Holtys NOT Holties

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