Saturday, December 22, 2018

Photo Editing Software

No really big on over editing photos   EXCEPT when Im  bored with plenty of time on my hands  but do  have a "play " with  new  revisions  as and when . Have done for a few years but  usually end up deleting  almost EVERY program  I " test"   well before the trial expires .   Yeah I know , we are all different   but considering this is only a  self funded hobby and 99%   of what I take is for the Internet  .  Enough said .

99%  of all that I need comes from FastStone  Image Viewer   plus its suits my eye  and I like how all the 4 panels  get "parked" off screen until you need them  .  Yes , I have "played" with lot  of others over the past few years .

 Also  use Affinity Photo  sometimes  because  I have  NIK Filters  working as a Plugin  on its platform . Win 10 ...  I dont use  maybe 90 %   of the rest of the program .

And last but not least   when  someone wants a decent file to print off  ,   DXO Photolab  Elite  . Had it  since it was Optics Pro days    . Expensive maybe but I love it  and hope one day they integrate Nik  Filters  to work with it  same as  FilmPack and ViewPoint  . To me its like having  an assistant   that knows my "style"   . 

Like I mentioned these are MY PERSONAL preferences , no one elses  .  Not into Adobe , never have  since about Elements 8 or so . Bloatware  .  Purchased  a full version of  ON1 Photo2019 Raw   , played with it for a month or so and deleted it . The list goes on  but to me , getting out and about to different venues , meeting like minded people    is  more fun than sitting (  or standing  )  in front of a monitor for hours on end  .

When people ask why " don't you do it for a job ? "   I just smile and walk away ....    Best Wishes   over Christmas and the New Year  and maybe , just maybe I will see some of you " out and about " in 2019  . Holty...

Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 Smoke N Iron Photos

2018 Smoke N Iron   photos are here on Holtys Photos website  . 

For personal and NOT for PROFIT  use ONLY  and  NOTE, its Holtys NOT Holties  

Yamba Rod Run 2018

A few pics from in and around Yamba NSW of the 2018 Rod Run are here on Holtys Photos website . 

Fot personal and "not for profit"  use ONLY  and remember its Holtys NOT Holties