Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Holtys Photos Apparel Information

Holtys Photos  Logo Stuff  .

NOT into advertising  because its only a hobby and will stay that way  but  get constantly asked by people  " How can we find your photos  ? "  and or " How do you spell it again ? "   .  Now they can read it for themselves or if they think they will forget  " just take a pic of the logo on your phone and you will have it forever  with the CORRECT spelling . "    Too Easy  and have to admit the  Straw Hats  were someones else's idea  . " Because you ALWAYS seem to be wearing one Holty ! " 

Links to the suppliers Facebook and website . NO they were NOT freebees  

Their Facebook page 

Their website 

Holty . :) 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

2019 Masters of Morgan Park

Going up to Warwick in a few weeks to have a play with some new gear at the Masters of Morgan Park  .  Went up in 2017 but couldn't get track access  so this time wont even try .  Will stay on my side of the fence  with the pole and video stuff  but going for 3 days instead one one  in case it takes a few days to sort it out .

I will put a 2019  album on Holtys Photos Facebook as well as on   Holtys Photos  website   in an album HERE  2019 Masters of Morgan Park  Photos  

FootNote: Photos are readily available  to copy by individuals or clubs for STRICTLY    Non Commercial use ONLY   ... Holty 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2019 RACV 1 and 2 Cylinder Rally PHOTOS March 14-17

Went  down to Bright Victoria for a week  to  photograph  the 2019 RACV 1 and 2 Cylinder Rally  and  lets just  say I had a blast  . Great  location  , good people   ,  over 65 entrants   and Im hearing they liked the slide show   during the formal dinner   .    .  Went   down and came  back through Bathurst  and Mt Panorama   to  have a look  at the venue  before the HCCA event later in the year  .

Photos are in an  album on the website HERE

 Please note  the photos will be at a size and resolution  large enough  to  copy  for printing  directly off the site  .  IE:  2048 x 1365 @ 300 DPI  over 1 meg  or larger .

My ACCOMMODATION   in Bright  Victoria

Dont usually promote ANY accommodation  ever  but this is different .  Many thanks for your assistance with  changing my room  at VERY short notice to save me lugging   my  camera gear  up and down stairs .   The room  Holty ? ,  excellent .  You drive up to " the back " of the room  with  plenty of space to be able to not only park  but open BOTH side doors of the car . !!!!  The room is excellent with sliding doors opening out onto a large garden  with   modern BBQ facilities and a salt water pool  .  Far enough away from  town  to be quiet but close enough to walk if you wish  .  Im here for 5 nights  and would definitely stay again  . 

Bogon View Motor Inn      Bright Victoria  Australia  .

FootNote: Photos are readily available  to copy by individuals or clubs for STRICTLY    Non Commercial use ONLY   ... Holty