Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Holty Day

Had to go down past Grafton to look at some "work stuff" and on the way home dropped into Westlawn Golf Course , a very well maintained 9 hole course in the middle of Grafton racecourse . Yep smack in the middle of a horse track and while it isn't Bonville it was fun and has surprisingly true greens . (better than some I have played at ) . Next off to Lawrence Pub for lunch on the way home , whiting and salad $12 , a few lights , too easy , but the ferry is closed until 3pm for whatever reason . OK up to Lawrence Golf Club to fill in an hour or two and yes , this means in one day I have played golf on 2 9 hole golf courses in the middle of horse race tracks . Complete opposites but both unique in their own rights .
I know these aren't courses for the matching bag , buggy and clothes set but I love them . Only Woopi and Ballina to go stay tuned and then I'm off to play a "sand green course" somewhere .

Photos as usual in the "GOLF" album