Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ballina to Lismore Toy Run 2012

Check the look on the kids face :)

 Just back from taking a few photos of the Ballina to Lismore Toy Run  . I have never been before but will be there next year as it seems to be bike people getting together  for all the right reasons . It didn't seem to matter what you rode as long as you turned up , had a laugh , donated a few bob and didn't cause anyone grief ...

This is the  link to  40  unedited photos on Photo bucket  and pinch them if you wish ...
Ballina to Lismore Toy Run 2012 Photos 

To the  two "green" P platers ,  your photos are there  . :)


Another 200 or so to follow .

Not often you get a police escort and can still smile.
I think these "posties" rode to Darwin not long ago ..