Friday, August 26, 2011

Looking for a Foxy Jack Russell Female Dog

A rescue from Armidale Animal Shelter  and isn't she a little cutie .If she is half the dog Cleo was we will all be happy and at present she looks  about half the size but  Cleo was before she was desexed . :)

 And a  long drive coming up but I recon she is going to be worth it and please don't start me on why dogs like this end up on death row  in an animal shelter ..

I spent a fair amount of time searching the net for the right dog  and was blown away by the 1000s of dogs that for one reason or another  have their days numbered through NO FAULT of THEIR OWN ..  These pets are often a 15 year commitment AND don't come free please think  long term about that cute little "toy" BEFORE you say "yes".....


Cleo AKA  Fatty Boomsticks lost her battle with the big C last week  and we are now looking for a new member for the group . 

 Hopefully a smooth coated Jack Russell cross or similar ( female )  ranging from a pup to 5 years or so  and while  she will be with us almost 24/7   will need to get on with Puki a 6 kilo cross  and will also  have to get on with Jackson   a  40 kilo Rotty cross. 
Looking  to help a rescue dog or  a dog for whatever reasons cannot be spoilt   rotten like  they should be any more .
Northern Rivers area but will  travel to pick up the new member of the "mob" :)

RIP CLEO we will all miss you .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coraki Golf Club Fairway Watering.

On the way back from Lismore decided to drop into the course and walk the dogs and surprise  surprise  . It has finally happened. .  Well at least the 1st testing  on a fairway by Peter and  some of the Mid Richmond Plumbing guys .

Like I say "always carry a camera" :)  

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summerland Sports and Classic Car Club Static Car and Motor Cycle Show

Use the link below  for photos   of the 2011 show   taken yesterday in Lismore    

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lismore Baseball Baxter Field

Just back from watching AND  trying to photograph some baseball in Lismore and I knew the guy in the yellow was  someone "special"  ;)  

I need to go back and have another go at trying to "catch" the ball in flight ...