Sunday, November 17, 2013

Moo Moo Roadhouse is alive and Rocking , NO BULL !

The Moo Moo Roadhouse opening
On my way back from the Gold Coast  a few months ago  we had lunch at Tumbulgum  Pub  and drove back through Mooball  and must say it was sad to see the Moo Moo closed .  Well not anymore , it is now  happening and  after yesterday I cant see why it wont for years to come .  Well done to all concerned and having the guts to have a go .  Heaps of good food ,  unleaded , premium and diesel  fuel if needed and you could easily spend and hour looking ( any buying ) all the collectibles in the place . I even bumped into an old mate I haven't seen in almost 40 years ! :)

Holtys Photos  are now on Facebook.

 I took a few photos  that  you can find here and remember to click on the little "magnifier"   bottom right  on each photo TWICE to  "view original "   Moo Moo Roadhouse Photos  .   

A small sample of some of the Moo Moo food.

Outside the Moo Moo Roadhouse.

Motorbike friendly Moo Moo ! :)

Gidday Pete .

Inside part of the Moo Moo Roadhouse collectables area

MoonDog at the Moo Moo .

All types of 4 wheels.

And two wheels .

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Northern Rivers Team Penning Alstonville Nov 2013

Hot Rods Friday , horses Sunday .  On a mission to try to photograph horses eyes while working  I rocket up unannounced to Alstonville Showground  where the NRTP  guys and girls hold their events .. Because  of how dry it is around here lately the dust and wind made it impossible on the day so I hung around for a few hours and took a few " Holty Happy Snaps ".
 After the reception I got from the organiser of a  motorbike event at Lismore a few weeks ago . these people come from a different planet . I was blown away by the amount of people that said hello , all with a smile and the most common sound I heard while I was there was laughter ,  even the cattle where in cruise mode :)

 I will definitely go  back and try again until I get it right .   There are 20 or so photos  here   .

Holtys Photos are now on Facebook

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yamba Hot Rod Run 2013 Friday to Lawrence Pub

I went down last year for the Saturday   but this year I wanted to take "different" photos rather than the usual Show and Shine stuff .   Luckily  a few of them went to Lawrence Pub for lunch so I got a decent day with the sun over my shoulder and  a great location .  I had fun and the guy with the  OFFY ? gets my vote for cutting the head off his wife's   eagle water feature to make a gear stick knob ! :)  One brave man ...     The link to 30 or so photos  is  here ,

Holtys Photos are now on Facebook

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Old Black and White Motorbike Photos

 My real hobby , finding old motorbikes in rally's , taking photos of them  and  trying to make the photo  look  original  . These aren't posed photos , these guys or girls don't even know I have taken it until I tell them AFTER  and give them the link to copy them  ( NO CHARGE  .)  :)  There are a lot of bikes but most people now wear full face helmets and HI VIS  jackets ( for all the right reasons ) so getting a one off shot wrong may take 12 months to re shoot   at  best if I'm lucky . It also helps if  someone proactive  gives me a route map  or lets me know  ( when politely requested ) where they are going so I can go out early or even the day before to  work out background , sun position etc .   This doesn't always happen  and I have a long memory  . Holty.

The first two were taken a few months ago at the NRCMCC Rally Photos 2013 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Broadwater Sugar Mill Photos November 2013

4:30 am 3 seconds hand held .
I was lucky enough to have a few hours  free and be " in the right place at the right time " to get photos of cane being cut  but of more importance , the mill in the background with both stacks working .  To the guys operating the machinery it is more than likely " just  a job "   but I can watch the cutter in action for hours . Whoever designed it is a bloody genius .   I have put 9  reasonable quality photos  on Photobucket  here   BROADWATER MILL PHOTOS   if you want  to copy any of them . If for whatever reason you publish them just add my name please ! :)

Holtys Photos .
2mm of rain would have sorted the dust :)

And I recovered 50 golf balls ! :)