Saturday, December 7, 2013

Burringbar District Sports Club 1st Show and Shine 2013

This GT Falcon  shook its way across the car park .

Just back from  the Burringbar Sports Clubs   first ever attempt at a Annual Show and Shine  , and isn't it a hidden venue .  Hopefully the word gets out and a heap more  custom cars ,bikes  and hot rods turn up for next years event , the location and setup of the facilities are perfect . It looks like the community gets involved and after talking to  a lot of locals including an "Old Lawn Bowler" ( bottom photo ) they have about 30 lawn bowlers  as well as cricket nets a cricket pitch , footy fields ( under lights) and what looks like a healthy touch footy competition happening  , a proper little community .
Of more interest to me is the location for photographs with the sun always over your shoulder and a pretty good  uncluttered background so I'm not forever editing out  telegraph poles  , garbo bins and other assorted crap .   Well done to Mark and all the others others involved , see you next year . Holty..

As usual you can find about 50 photos at around 1200 pixels and 500 kb  to copy if you wish  here .

Holtys Photos  on Face book .

I want one of those Darls ! :)

The same reason I own a ute , it isn't so far to bend over . :)

No idea but I hope he gets a copy .

Big kids , little kids . :)

The engine room .

Have a beer through the 2 way bar. :)

Old Bowlers never die , they just get their photos on the wall !  A couple of "born and bred  locals:)

Monday, December 2, 2013

The North Coast Charity Motorcycle Toy Run 2013

It was on again this year and the weather gods were kind , even the  escort Police had a smile and were friendly .  NOTE: We are in New South Wales. 
Anyway I had fun , met a few people , got a few happy snaps  and I am looking forward to next years event .  My best guess  is over 300 bikes at Ballina and maybe a few more ended up at Lismore.

Photos on Holtys Photos Face book page HERE        or the exact same photos at a better quality and resolution  are on Photobucket  , as usual remember to click on the magnifier bottom right to "view" original before downloading .

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Moo Moo Roadhouse is alive and Rocking , NO BULL !

The Moo Moo Roadhouse opening
On my way back from the Gold Coast  a few months ago  we had lunch at Tumbulgum  Pub  and drove back through Mooball  and must say it was sad to see the Moo Moo closed .  Well not anymore , it is now  happening and  after yesterday I cant see why it wont for years to come .  Well done to all concerned and having the guts to have a go .  Heaps of good food ,  unleaded , premium and diesel  fuel if needed and you could easily spend and hour looking ( any buying ) all the collectibles in the place . I even bumped into an old mate I haven't seen in almost 40 years ! :)

Holtys Photos  are now on Facebook.

 I took a few photos  that  you can find here and remember to click on the little "magnifier"   bottom right  on each photo TWICE to  "view original "   Moo Moo Roadhouse Photos  .   

A small sample of some of the Moo Moo food.

Outside the Moo Moo Roadhouse.

Motorbike friendly Moo Moo ! :)

Gidday Pete .

Inside part of the Moo Moo Roadhouse collectables area

MoonDog at the Moo Moo .

All types of 4 wheels.

And two wheels .

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Northern Rivers Team Penning Alstonville Nov 2013

Hot Rods Friday , horses Sunday .  On a mission to try to photograph horses eyes while working  I rocket up unannounced to Alstonville Showground  where the NRTP  guys and girls hold their events .. Because  of how dry it is around here lately the dust and wind made it impossible on the day so I hung around for a few hours and took a few " Holty Happy Snaps ".
 After the reception I got from the organiser of a  motorbike event at Lismore a few weeks ago . these people come from a different planet . I was blown away by the amount of people that said hello , all with a smile and the most common sound I heard while I was there was laughter ,  even the cattle where in cruise mode :)

 I will definitely go  back and try again until I get it right .   There are 20 or so photos  here   .

Holtys Photos are now on Facebook

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yamba Hot Rod Run 2013 Friday to Lawrence Pub

I went down last year for the Saturday   but this year I wanted to take "different" photos rather than the usual Show and Shine stuff .   Luckily  a few of them went to Lawrence Pub for lunch so I got a decent day with the sun over my shoulder and  a great location .  I had fun and the guy with the  OFFY ? gets my vote for cutting the head off his wife's   eagle water feature to make a gear stick knob ! :)  One brave man ...     The link to 30 or so photos  is  here ,

Holtys Photos are now on Facebook

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Old Black and White Motorbike Photos

 My real hobby , finding old motorbikes in rally's , taking photos of them  and  trying to make the photo  look  original  . These aren't posed photos , these guys or girls don't even know I have taken it until I tell them AFTER  and give them the link to copy them  ( NO CHARGE  .)  :)  There are a lot of bikes but most people now wear full face helmets and HI VIS  jackets ( for all the right reasons ) so getting a one off shot wrong may take 12 months to re shoot   at  best if I'm lucky . It also helps if  someone proactive  gives me a route map  or lets me know  ( when politely requested ) where they are going so I can go out early or even the day before to  work out background , sun position etc .   This doesn't always happen  and I have a long memory  . Holty.

The first two were taken a few months ago at the NRCMCC Rally Photos 2013 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Broadwater Sugar Mill Photos November 2013

4:30 am 3 seconds hand held .
I was lucky enough to have a few hours  free and be " in the right place at the right time " to get photos of cane being cut  but of more importance , the mill in the background with both stacks working .  To the guys operating the machinery it is more than likely " just  a job "   but I can watch the cutter in action for hours . Whoever designed it is a bloody genius .   I have put 9  reasonable quality photos  on Photobucket  here   BROADWATER MILL PHOTOS   if you want  to copy any of them . If for whatever reason you publish them just add my name please ! :)

Holtys Photos .
2mm of rain would have sorted the dust :)

And I recovered 50 golf balls ! :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lismore Show 2013 Saturday.

Had a few hours to kill so rocked up to the show to take a few photos .  All went great , got a few pics and met a few extremely talented  people until I tried to take a photo of an Alpacas  eye  that was  in a little arena .   WRONG  MOVE HOLTY ,  a "lovely lady "  assured me in her very dulcet tone voice  ( gravel ) that  because there are kids there NO CAMERAS of ANY DESCRIPTION  blah , blah .    If this is the way the world is heading  I'm glad I'm and old fart  and didnt have to put up with any of that shit when I was a kid growing up . We would have breakfast and piss off for the day with Mum saying  " make sure your home before dark and don't muck up ! "   "YES Mum "  ..

At least I can still take photos of COWS , BULLS and DOGS !!!!!!  :)

Update from a  photographer friend  :  Parents and grandparents could NOT even take photos of their OWN kids !

Through the shed.

Canon 550D  70 200 4L Hand held.

She works for the Land Newspaper.

Making sure they ALL have two ! :)

And I think I need a haircut .

"Please get me out of HERE ! "

Friday, September 27, 2013

NRCMCC RALLY 2013 Friday and Saturday Photos

NOTE added Sunday.   A guy got cleaned up yesterday morning on his way to the Saturday ride. I'm only hearing it 3rd hand but having been there on 3 occasions  in the last 6 years be VERY ,VERY   CAREFUL when overtaking a farmer on a tractor  ANYWHERE .

Friday is my day , I get to play around photographing the "older" bikes  and then play around trying to  make the photos  look last century .     As usual the photos  are on Photobucket  HERE .

I have also added a photo only page on Facebook  recently that may make it easier for people to find all photos or at least point them in the right direction .Just type in Holtys Photos  in the search bar or click on the link  . If  you are  not a Facebook fan  ,  just  type  holty1352  in any browser search engine ...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Chasing the Origin of My Middle Name. VINE

John Vine Holt  1 , 2 and 3

 Taken off the users website on Rootsmagic 6       Holty1352 Genealogy 

I tried about 6 or 7 years ago and now I will try again  . I can trace Mums side back for "forever" because they were crooks , coppers , land barons , some all three but  for the "man of the woods"  ! :)    I hope someone out there knows of some LEADS .   

Thanks  Holty...

As usual I'm playing with my brain and AGAIN trying to find the origin of my middle name , Vine . I have hit the brick wall at John Hoult married to an Ann Vine in Loughborough so if anyone can help .

They lived at No 22 Pinfold Gate Loughborough in Leicestershire at the 1851 census .The ages listed v names confirms . It seems John Jnr and his wife Eliza (from London) where living with Mum and Dad prior to their emigration to AU in 1852 (see above). Other members of the house where Eliza (1835-) , Hugo(1837-), James (1832-) ,Samuel Walter (about 1828) and William (1827-). Both Johns where labourers and the girls including mother worked in the cotton mills. I have cross ref this with a later census and found John Sr and ANN in their 70s still living at the same address without kids ! and still working . John is now a gardener after being a Sexton as well (Hmmm?)

Two of the kids stayed close by living in Sparrow Hill and Baxter Gate with Hugo being around in the 1891/1901 census married to another Ann, (Elizabeth) with heaps of kids including a daughter Eliza (another one) still living at home at 39 years , a brother James also at home at 30 and Sarah 25 as well .Very unusual for 3 of the 4 eldest to still be at home . They appear in the 1881 and 1891 census as well and looks like they never left home or married ? WHY

William who was born in Stanford ( the only child that was) married another ANN from Hathern and where living in Sparrow Hill in 1861 but then"disappear" until 1891 census living in 8 Albert Court aged 64 and 51 looking after their "nephew Joseph Black aged 13 ".

Yes there at least 3 Ann Hoults living within a few 100 yards of each other in the mid to late 1800s. I can understand why people get lost or deviate with written records if you don't stay focused .It would be much easier if I could access these original census and parish records myself.

And a bit of fun .........
"Aren't you the bloke on the 10 dollar note ?"

When I walked into the Henry Lawson Museum at Gulgong the woman looked up and shit herself !

The Caterpillar  Holt .
Almost 20 years ago  and trust me , money means VERY little ..

The wedding ring is a dead "give away" and I still have that head of hair  :)