Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lismore Show 2013 Saturday.

Had a few hours to kill so rocked up to the show to take a few photos .  All went great , got a few pics and met a few extremely talented  people until I tried to take a photo of an Alpacas  eye  that was  in a little arena .   WRONG  MOVE HOLTY ,  a "lovely lady "  assured me in her very dulcet tone voice  ( gravel ) that  because there are kids there NO CAMERAS of ANY DESCRIPTION  blah , blah .    If this is the way the world is heading  I'm glad I'm and old fart  and didnt have to put up with any of that shit when I was a kid growing up . We would have breakfast and piss off for the day with Mum saying  " make sure your home before dark and don't muck up ! "   "YES Mum "  ..

At least I can still take photos of COWS , BULLS and DOGS !!!!!!  :)

Update from a  photographer friend  :  Parents and grandparents could NOT even take photos of their OWN kids !

Through the shed.

Canon 550D  70 200 4L Hand held.

She works for the Land Newspaper.

Making sure they ALL have two ! :)

And I think I need a haircut .

"Please get me out of HERE ! "