Friday, February 14, 2014

Revs and Rockabilly Photos 2014

Muscle Cars

Revs N Rockabilly photos taken at Pioneer Country Tweed Heads yesterday . There are about 100 photos , some are double ups as I'm playing with new gear and new software trying to outsmart Facebook's  poxy photo upload restrictions . Ever wondered why any photo you upload looks crap on there , its because they "flatten"  files DOWN by up to 80%  , JPEG and Tiff. .

BTW:   If you are looking for "your" photo  they are roughly in timeline and you may be on there twice in different locations . IE: coming in off the road , coming out of the cow paddock  and or   static displays  if I could get in close without too much background noise .

 As usual click on the magnifier to enlarge and feel free to take what you wish .

One day I will get this right.

Mellow Yellow.

Pump Up.

Red and Yellow make .....

Shit happens , missed it by half a second ..
Rays Honda , like bees around a honey pot . He is one clever man .

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Photo Editing Software 2014

Being from the old school  and enjoying photography far more than photo editing and I wont go to graphics editing . Yes I will , putting my head on Rambos body with a background from somewhere on the planet with a skyline from mars ISNT photography.  Thats better , purged now . :)

I have always looked for software that suited my eye and my requirements .    My eye ? , the interface  , something quick , simple  and I don't need  a degree to learn to use it . At best I'm nothing more than a enthusiastic  Happy Snapper taking around 4 to 5000 frames a year on cropper Canon cameras with the vast majority going on the net and never getting printed at more than around  A3 or A4  .  OK , software . I have gone down the Adobe route and don't like it  apart from an old Elements  I use for cloning out telephone wires and Garbo bins etc.  I call it "Bloatware"  2.46 GIG  ..

My New Years resolution for 2014   , "Find Something Holty"  and I think I have . Over the past 6 weeks I have download  around 4 gig of trials and updates etc    and compared them side by side to see  if there is anything new  or with new improvements over the past 12 months .  Yes, I even downloaded new Adobe stuff as well  including Elements 12  . 

OK what stayed   , got upgraded or purchased   and I will  put them in no order ..
While it may be a HDR  program  I use it on single images  and I love it , so simple and quick , I have shown people printed photos  including Lab tech's and  no one picked   HDR .
A lot slower than Oloneo with an interface that looks Windows 95  in comparison BUT a great ghosting algorithm  , especially for hand held shooting. .  I have made some of my own "presets" that make the photo look non HDR , just a little more punchy to put on the net , especially Flat Face Facebook . If you ever want to see a good photo look like crap put it on there .  .I am VERY surprised Facebook haven't come up with a  "Hi Res " membership  that allows better quality  photos , sizing  and graphics on sites when you consider how many businesses are now using it .
Very sexy , if you can call software sexy .  A bit slow on my box but I love it for when I get serious . Quality breeds quality and  for me this is it . It has even made me get off my butt and go out and take some decent photos because I wont use this program for happy snaps.
I saved "MY" best until last .  Not long back from who knows where and now Open-source  and cross platform with a user base of 35,000 and growing rapidly . You can read the spiel on their site and while it has an unusual process of membership before downloading I can see the reason in their methodology . I have only just begun to use this but within minutes it fitted "my eye" and  logic .  Once I get more familiar with the program I will put a few photos online  in my Photo bucket site . The irony of this is  being Open-source it is free  and compared to some of the other stuff I have played with over the past 6 weeks or so  I would gladly pay $100 dollars for it . I cant even make a "donation " .

Sorry guys windows only  . I don't know where this has been hiding  but is a no brainer for me and within an hour of finding it  I put it on both machines and deleted programs I have used for many years .  Simple to use , quick , well quick enough for me but I don't have huge downloads / folders because I don't shoot 1200 frames a session  at  8 FPS  then sort and throw out  1000 .
 The only thing to date it doesn't have that I use is a Perspective function  but apart from that its great .  If  this program ever gets it  I can stop using an old Elements 10  and then I will be totally Adobe FREE  !!!!

 Love the full frame viewer with the hidden menu bars that don't hog screen space and only "pop up"  when you scroll over them when needed  . Also I have set the 100 % magnifier to "click" so if you left click and hold down  you can scroll at 100 % anywhere on the image .  Finally we wont mention footprint size will we Adobe bloatware.

Footnote: These are my personal choices and comments  , you are entitled to yours .