Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Austin 7 National Tour 2017 Photos Toowoomba Qld

Went up to Toowoomba for a few days in April to photograph the  2017 Austin 7 National Tour  . My aim was to get photos of them "out and about " the district  rather than  in  static displays   unless I  found them  at locations with period correct backgrounds   .

I have  put and album on Holtys Photos Facebook page HERE   with a few photos  from each day .

 Of more importance to ALL the entrants especially Non Facebook users   ALL the  photos   at a higher resolution and better quality  will be on the Holtys Photos  website HERE .    Remember to "click" on your photo to enlarge it BEFORE   you download it  or  Just ask your grandkids to do it for you ....

Looked forward to this  and yes , I got a haircut for the occasion  .

Holty ,The Hirsute Photographer