Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The 12 days of Christmas

Not actually correct  but without sounding  like  a sunday soapbox spruiker  please , please   HAVE A VERY HARD THINK BEFORE YOU  buy that cute little puppy or kitten for a  Christmas present to someone that may not have the time , inclination or ability for the 24/7  commitment over the next 15 years .

Up to 500 000 dogs are put down each year in Australia . Cats ????????

Please think about it ... before

If I had a million bucks and 100 acres it still wouldnt be enough  to even make a dint for this Christmas alone ....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lismore Show 2011

Went  to the show today specifically to attempt to photograph Show Jumping  . Not the best venue for this with all the mesh around the fences for the speedway  and had a look at some of the dog judging earlier.  Dont ever say I spoil MY DOGS :)

As usual photos are  on Photobucket here

Saturday, October 1, 2011

FOR SALE . 1972 BMW R60/5 SWB motorbike

Selling my bike  , why ? . I  No longer have the free time to ride it as I once  had  and  have only played golf 10 times in the past 12 months ,  so go figure..This  new little work project will take another 2 years or so .

The bike is located in the Northern Rivers of NSW  and has full rego until the end of March 2012. Obviously the plates will be changed before it is sold.
A few points to mention are : Boyer ignition   , Staintune exhaust , as new Metzeler tyres , a 400 watt EnDuraLast alternator kit and  I have ............
Receipts  showing  $ 2598 for a complete engine overhaul including head conversion for ULP by Paul Rooney  NOTE: The bike has done  less than 2000 klm  since the work was done.

I have posted 20 plus detailed photos on my Photo Bucket site so if you are interested please use this link to go directly to the album . These photos were taken after a short ride today including a section of dirt and what you see is what you get . No I haven't spent a day making it look pretty and for $5K it will sell itself and yes , it is advertised elsewhere .

20 detailed photos here  

Link to BikePoint  ad

A link to the bike ad  on my website.

If you cant work it out off here  I give up   ? 

 Holty  0412794812 .

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Claremont Coraki Camp Draft

Went here today totally out of the blue (as usual )  . Too much dust and smoke for photos but had a few good hours there .   The link below is to Photobucket for a few pics but be warned , they are large files at hi res .

Claremont Coraki Campdraft

Friday, September 16, 2011

Zoes 1st day down the "hill"

You tell me ? I recon she will soon become one of the mob  if she hasn't already :)

Even though  ZOE,  ( her new name ) has only been here a few days  you can tell she is a special little dog  . Very headstrong as they all are but she just wants to fit in and be loved   ...all 5.6 kilos of her ...

 To the last owners for  whatever reason , YOUR loss... and I'm sure Cleo would approve . We may have lost the matriarch  but have gained a new little princess .   She won Macca on day 1 as well :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Looking for a Foxy Jack Russell Female Dog

A rescue from Armidale Animal Shelter  and isn't she a little cutie .If she is half the dog Cleo was we will all be happy and at present she looks  about half the size but  Cleo was before she was desexed . :)

 And a  long drive coming up but I recon she is going to be worth it and please don't start me on why dogs like this end up on death row  in an animal shelter ..

I spent a fair amount of time searching the net for the right dog  and was blown away by the 1000s of dogs that for one reason or another  have their days numbered through NO FAULT of THEIR OWN ..  These pets are often a 15 year commitment AND don't come free please think  long term about that cute little "toy" BEFORE you say "yes".....


Cleo AKA  Fatty Boomsticks lost her battle with the big C last week  and we are now looking for a new member for the group . 

 Hopefully a smooth coated Jack Russell cross or similar ( female )  ranging from a pup to 5 years or so  and while  she will be with us almost 24/7   will need to get on with Puki a 6 kilo cross  and will also  have to get on with Jackson   a  40 kilo Rotty cross. 
Looking  to help a rescue dog or  a dog for whatever reasons cannot be spoilt   rotten like  they should be any more .
Northern Rivers area but will  travel to pick up the new member of the "mob" :)

RIP CLEO we will all miss you .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coraki Golf Club Fairway Watering.

On the way back from Lismore decided to drop into the course and walk the dogs and surprise  surprise  . It has finally happened. .  Well at least the 1st testing  on a fairway by Peter and  some of the Mid Richmond Plumbing guys .

Like I say "always carry a camera" :)  

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summerland Sports and Classic Car Club Static Car and Motor Cycle Show

Use the link below  for photos   of the 2011 show   taken yesterday in Lismore    

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lismore Baseball Baxter Field

Just back from watching AND  trying to photograph some baseball in Lismore and I knew the guy in the yellow was  someone "special"  ;)  

I need to go back and have another go at trying to "catch" the ball in flight ...

Friday, July 15, 2011

NSW Hillclimb Grafton

Took the cameras to  a round of the NSW Hillclimb Championships at Grafton recently . I got there for  the Saturday practice session as I had never been before and had no idea what to expect. so didn't want any hassles
 Bottom Line  .
 I will go back 
The track is great for spectators  with a nice cross section of cars and a great bunch of people. I found everyone I spoke to friendly and accommodating to some of  my "newbee" questions .

Hmm  wonder if a motorbike has done it :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tallebudgera Golf Club

Played there yesterday with a mate that has just done the "Out of Sydney " thing  and moved up near the course.   This is the view from the  outside "beer o'clock" area .

Obviously had HEAPS of rain  up there  lately with the greens suffering more than the fairways but we had fun and will  I go back . The course is not long but enough mature trees to make keeping it in the right place paramount  and enough variation from hole to hole to make it interesting .  I teed off with a 5 wood on almost every hole ( no , not the par 3s smart arses ) and then used the day to practice approaches in .  Forget  serious putting  for a while ..

Bottom line  ,   not for the mega golf yuppies BUT  if  I  lived up there I would join tomorrow  if only just to use it to practice midweek .   No need to book a week in advance  bullshit just for a hit ..

Holty ( Hacker)