Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ballina to Lismore Toy Run 2012

Check the look on the kids face :)

 Just back from taking a few photos of the Ballina to Lismore Toy Run  . I have never been before but will be there next year as it seems to be bike people getting together  for all the right reasons . It didn't seem to matter what you rode as long as you turned up , had a laugh , donated a few bob and didn't cause anyone grief ...

This is the  link to  40  unedited photos on Photo bucket  and pinch them if you wish ...
Ballina to Lismore Toy Run 2012 Photos 

To the  two "green" P platers ,  your photos are there  . :)


Another 200 or so to follow .

Not often you get a police escort and can still smile.
I think these "posties" rode to Darwin not long ago ..

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

FOR SALE 1997 Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab trayback ute

SOLD    4 / 1 /2013
Just picked up a Toyota Hilux Workmate  so now need to sell the Triton .  While it has done heaps of K it has had a very sheltered life from day one by the log books . All I have ever put in it is the dogs , my golf clubs and a few trips to the tip so nothing seems to have changed over its life .
This is a link to the ad on Gumtree    1997 Triton Dual Cab Ute     and gives  the spiel ..

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yamba Hot Rod Run 2012

 A few photos from today at Yamba NSW of the
Yamba Hot Rod Run 2012  organised by the Borderline Street Rodders  Inc from Brunswick  and sponsored this year by OZ RODS...

There are  around 60 or 70 photos now on Photobucket and  I tried today to get photos of individual cars in motion rather than the usual static stuff and  feel free to pinch any you want ...

Im looking for a new ute !

Looking west down Yamba Street
Im guessing around 150 maybe ..
One of hundreds of Hot Rod photos I could have used .
Having a "Poppy Nap" :)
I found this guy and his Jack at Angourie before the show . He is into FJs.

Yamba Buskers

I went to Yamba today to  photograph the Hot Rod Show  and happened to hear these two kids busking  while I was there . They have only been playing together about 6 months so their parents informed me and  dont even  have a "name yet"  .

Trust Holty  on this one , they will have very , VERY shortly ..

 Sam  Cashman and Nick Jansen  , two names to remember ..( Hi Mums and Dad )

A link to a few photos here.
Yamba Buskers

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Masana Bellydance Grafton

Hi girls ,   "left click"  on any  photo you want , this will enlarge it .
Then right click  and  "Save Image As ..." to put it somewhere on your own computer ...
Have Fun ,
Holty .

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Grafton Jacaranda Festival 2012

I went down to Grafton early yesterday morning to work out some photo location points for next weekend and took a few photos including the start of the Grafton to Inverell Cycling Classic while I was there .  I went back this morning for the Grafton Vintage Motor Vehicle Club  car show , the wooden boat display at Corcoran Park and even snapped a few happy belly dancers at the showground ..

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ballina Monster Trucks

God bless America and the 1st time I  have heard  "The Star Spangled Banner " in OZ
I neeeded this in Sydney 30 years ago .
Never smile at a crocodile or alligator :)
A very special breed of people.Once I get this sorted I will have another go .

Spent an hour there today at the  Ballina Seagulls Rugby League Club  oval before it got too dark as I  wanted to have a go at photographing the kids on bikes ,  they are nutters . There is 25 photos on Photobucket if you are interested ,  some of the trucks and about 10 of the kids on bikes.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue


I follow these guys on Facebook and usually just have to  "man up " and say nothing  but this little guy has got to me because he seems to have  done nothing wrong and  more than likely has given his owner's 7 years of love and affection and now  gets the flick .  You CAN take them with you . A  friend took her dog  back to the States . Getting them back into Australia is a different matter and a LOT harder .

See the Sami story on their main website via the link below  and I take my hat off to Jill and all the helpers that make these rescues  happen  especially the photographers  . I couldnt do it , I would want to bring them ALL home ...:)

Sami's Story

Friday, September 28, 2012

NRCMCC 2012 Rally Photos Friday and Saturday.

Eltham Hotel for lunch

Had a great lazy day  following ( or waiting for ) the pre 1960s bikes  in and around  Uralba , Eltham and Teven  on the 1st day of the 2012 Rally.. My objective was to find locations with no "datable" backgrounds to age the photos  so as long as the riders were wearing  open face style helmets  it is hard to tell at first glance how old the photo is once I have a play with them . .    Lunch was at the Eltham Pub  and I can say after my sister and I had lunch there yesterday it is a great venue with excellent food and friendly courteous staff . .

I have put  few of today's photos on Photobucket in an album   called   Fridays Photos  .

 I got  back today  and took more photos and   put them in an album called   Saturday Photos  so you can now search  by specific day and the photos are in a timeline order  .

These three photos are an example / attempt of what I'm playing with .

A beautiful little Triumph in very original condition.

My photo of the day and almost the last one taken .
Stick Shifting up Uralba hill.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Toyota Coaster Motor Home SOLD via Gumtree

1992 Toyota Coaster Motor Home  SOLD 8/10/12
FYI .  I advertised the bus on 3 commercial websites as well as this blog and my own website . Gumtree out performed the other commercial  sites  by well over ten to one with genuine inquiries and phone calls and sold to a Gumtree buyer .

I'm selling my motor home for the simple reason I cant use  it and  hope it goes to a good home .

NOTE:And please DON'T email me if your name is Greg Crisell . Google this low life's name (obviously not his real name if he even exists as a person ?) . I did before I told him/it  anything that isn't already on this blog, Caveat Venditor .

Good Stuff.
There are  30 detailed photos of the converted bus  on this link  Holty1352 motorhome photos  if you are interested that should answer most of your questions .    I purchased it from the people that owned it when the conversion was done  after they drove it back from Albany in WA  and  still have all the original paperwork , invoice's etc for the conversion .. To contact me please use the email contact on this site so I can ensure no spammers or ring me on 0412794812 ,  Thanks .

Main Details
  • 1992 Toyota Coaster  6 cylinder 4.2 5 speed manual
  • 225000 klm with rego until 26 November 2012 
  • Located in the Northern Rivers area of NSW  south of Ballina
  • $28000 ONO 
 Fittings and Accessories ( in no order)
  •  Fiamma 4.5 awning and full "Privacy Room " including floor , extra poles and  roof struts with wind straps ( see bottom photo)
  •  Smev 0335 FGT 3 burner gas stove and oven  
  • Dometic CK155 Range Hood
  • Atwood Gas Water Heater
  • Shower with Thetford Cassette Toilet
  • 4 Seasons Roof Hatch
  • 2 24 v internal air conditioners plus  a fitted 240 v Carrier Air V  ( roof mounted )
  • External Hot and Cold Shower
  • Tinted Windows
  • 2 Freshwater tanks 120 litres in total   
  • 1  Grey Water Tank 50 litre
  • Bull bar , Spotlights , Rear tow bar. 
  •  80 Watt Solar Panel

New Fittings and Accessories
  •  Waeco Coolmatic MDC 90 Fridge Freezer ( Never Used )
  • Sinergex 1000 Watt Inverter
  • Foam Mattress's
  • Front Tyres
  • 240V Smart Trickle Charger 
  • 2  X 90 AH Solar Batteries

Drivers side showing Gas Water Heater and Cassette Toilet access points

Single beds with 3 way storage access
Easy Clean . :)

Full 4.5 m Fiamma "Privacy Room "

Friday, September 14, 2012

Testing Dragon Naturally Speaking12 Premium Wireless

 Updated 28th  . While the program  has potential the extreme learning curve required may put a lot of users off , me included .  I have spent maybe 20 to 30 hours training it including letting it read all my old emails , blogs , webpage typing styles etc and it still has issues sometimes .  If I was to continue using it I would also look at a different headset that is more stable and stays in place . I have trouble keeping the mouth piece in the same location especially wearing glasses . 

 I'm typing this  test blog  using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Wireless     that I purchased from the Australian  supplier and  now testing it to see how it goes without having to use a keyboard.  For what ever reason, keyboards and I don't get on anymore but that's another story .:)

 I am "typing this, standing up", about 5 feet from the monitor with my arms crossed and using the Plantronics blue tooth headset that came in the kit..  I have only been using it for half a day, but I think, if you have a reasonably new PC, with enough guts to run the program ( read their specs and then add some ) , and enough time to "teach it " your personal idiosyncrasies it is a viable option for anybody with a slight impairment or worse , or anybody with poor typing skills that does a lot of typing . Budding authors , anyone that still  "hunts and pecks "  and the list goes on .

 I will update  this post then go online and edit, as and when I see any improvement in my technique.

Holty .


Be patient ,
Try and learn Photoshop in a week , you have more chance of flying to the MOON  !!!!!!...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

1992 Toyota Coaster Motorhome FOR SALE ( soon)

About to sell  my Toyota Coaster motor home and have been waiting on  a mobile  auto electrician to come down and check ALL the electrics including the solar to make sure everything is in good working order before I advertise it .   I have been having a few problems getting someone to  even turn up let alone getting anything done  UNTIL a friend of a friend put me on Wired Auto Electrics in Tweed Street North Lismore . The guys name is Clayton (Clay ) Woodford  and yes he turned up EARLY , went over all the questions I had  ( patiently ) , tested everything I wanted tested and DIDN'T   rip me off ..   I cant say much more ..

Alco Batteries from Ballina came out and fitted 2 new solar batteries . So now the bus has a new 1000 watt inverter , solar batteries, new front tyres, new 12 , 24  , 240V 90l  Waeco fridge.  New mattresses, new LED lights, one internal one external, and the list goes on.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coraki Veterans Open Golf Day 2012

I went to Coraki Golf Club today to catch up with a few guys I played golf with there a year or so ago and to take a few photos of their 2012 Vets Open  Golf Day sponsored by the Summerland Credit Union Lismore .  The young bloke in the photo must be a rep for the  credit union because he sure isn't over 55 . ( A prerequisite for playing veterans golf .)
The weather was exceptional for the day  and Max told me there was around 131 players  in two shotgun starts , 7:30 am and 12:30 pm to fit them in . Northern Rivers veterans golf goes from Yamba , Iluka up to  Club Banora and Cooolangatta Tweed Heads  and out as far as Woodenbong and I have even been to Bonalbo  for their Open Day . 

All these blokes have three things in common , yes they are over 55 , yes they are breathing  and yes they can still hack their way around a golf course .  I don't think their swings or their scores are of much importance to 99 % of them ...

I have put 60 plus photos on   my Photobucket site   and if you want to view and then download them use this link please.      Coraki Veterans Open Golf Day 2102 

 Added 6th FYI    A bit of Northern Rivers  and NSW Veterans golf information  if anyone is interested .

This  is a link to the Northern Rivers District Golf Association and while not just vets it gives you a yearly program if you are around the area on holidays and looking for a hit . Unless its club championships Im sure most if not all clubs will welcome you with open arms . Coraki would for sure .

This one is for vets only and is the  New South Wales Veteran Golfers Association and if you are that way inclined you could golf your way around New South Wales  and have a great golfing holiday for almost 12 months of the year , if not just have a great golfing week almost  anywhere in NSW and I know there is a NSW 2012 sand greens comp on out west every year as well , this year Walcha  . Never played on sand but one day maybe , pitching wedge ,  putter and the corset :) 


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mechanical Cane Harvesting Northern Rivers NSW

The "Preying Mantis" close up .

I have been waiting for over 10 years to get photos of cane harvesting machines similar to these I took yesterday  .  Pure luck or more  pure arse actually as they started right alongside the fences  late in the afternoon with the sun over my back and the ONLY way to  get some of them was by laying on the ground  with the "Preying Mantis " coming straight at my head .   No pain ,  no gain  Holty and thank Christ the fence was there . Remember these machines arent in a static pose ,  they are working flat out to finish the job , keep the cocky / boss  happy and get home for a beer ..( wife , kids  , ??)

 I could not have scripted it better  .
Its more than likely a bloke thing but watching the "cutter" in action  is magic  and who ever invented it is a bloody genius ... . The cane ash and dust  that comes with cane cutting  for a few months of the year isn't on my TOP 10  list but a part of life living around  here  and a shit load better than living with bars on windows .  NO not jail  , I mean living in parts of Sydney   :)

I have added 30 more photos of cane harvesting machines on Photobucket  if anyone is interested  , most using a Canon 550D  and a few with the 7D  17 55 2.8 IS  and a 70 200 4L IS ..

Mechanical Cane Harvesting  Photos

Northern Rivers Cane Harvesting
Tipping from the "tracked" buggy

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joeys Golf Day Byron Bay

Had an hour or so to  kill waiting for more bike photos to happen ( they didn't ) and dropped into Byron Bay Golf Club  for a beer or two  .   I met  these guys and most if not ALL seemed to  be there for ALL the right reasons , bash a ball , have a laugh and a  few beers  . Sounds good to me .
This is the link  to the album I just uploaded to my Photobucket site. 

Joeys Golf Day Photos

And as usual make sure to enlarge the photos BEFORE you download them or will only get the smaller file size .
(Hmmm , maybe some of those swings DON'T need to be seen any closer  UP  , only kidding we are all hackers at heart .....)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ballina Triples Motorbike Rally 2012

Took a few photos today of the Triples  Rally in and around the Ballina  area and surrounds  today .   As usual the album  is  on   Photobucket   HERE .

And just found these guys have even linked to it, Trident and Rocket 3 Owners Club UK .
As well as  the   TRMA

Feel free to pinch any you wish  but remember to enlarge the photo before you download it to get the full size .

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back and take a few more of them  on the move and NOT static  , I got the Hurricane and Raygun photos I wanted but missed out on the grey framed Rocket 3 .There wasn't one there ...


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chasing the History of my Dads Family . Hoult / Holt

Most of this is off my website from a few years ago after I hit "the brick wall" . We all know what that is so I am now having another attempt to see if the world has changed in the past 5 years !

Anyone finding this blog  searching for Genealogy or family history  of the Holts  / Hoults / Vine or Vines  from in or around Loughborough, Leicestershire / Leicester or Stanford on Soar or anywhere in Nottinghamshire 1700 or 1800s please  contact me . Also anyone related to John Hoult / Holt  and Ann  "Vine ? " or any descendants of their children , John , William, Samuel Walter , James , Eliza or Hugo ( all born early 1800s )  who read this I would gratefully appreciate any information you could supply.

 Someone in Loughborough must have had a great great  grandfather  called "hugo hoult" or "samuel walter hoult" ?
They are like my name "John Vine Holt" ,  historically very few instances of useage.
Mums SIDE  (this is all OK )

The  SCHOFIELD/s of Eastern Creek and the JAMES history .
The OLIVER/s  and BALL/s  

The GERAGHTY / FOLEY information is from 2 books written by "Sister Bride Baldwin " called "Opening the Geraghty Book" and "The Geraghty Story Continues 2003....."  There is a huge amount of information in these books and I was lucky enough to meet the two sisters at Dorrigo a few years ago .

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ballina Community Gardens ( Revisited )

 I went back today to take  some more photos on their 1st birthday.  Nice day , nice weather , nice people . There isn't much more to say but 3 hours went in what seemed like 30 minutes .   A pity I live so far away or I would be in there too but to anyone living in or  around Ballina at least go and have a look , its great and I look forward to seeing the next 12 months  updates.

I have made a separate Album on my Photo bucket site and you can view the photos from this link .