Friday, August 4, 2017

Uralla Dust Up 2017 Photos

Ralla Dust Up 2017 Photos LINKS .

Something a bit different for me .Went up to Uralla  NSW   for a two day event  and had  a play . 

As usual photos are  on Holtys Photos  Facebook page and Holtys Photos Website as well at a higher resolution and size for printing .

Ralla Dust Up 2017 Photos   on Facebook

Ralla Dust Up 2017 Photos on Holty Photos website

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Casino Drags July 2017

Went to the drags held on the Casino Airstrip   by The Northern Rivers Drag Racing Inc   on Sunday .   There specifically to get  pics of the Ford   but got a few of others that caught my eye  . A brilliant concept  helping " keep it off the streets " .

This is a little album on Holtys Photos Facebook page if you are interested .

Monday, July 3, 2017

Back to Brunswick Hot Rod Run 2017 PHOTOS

 Back to Brunswick Hot Rod Run 2017 Photos LINKS  .

On Holtys Photos Facebook Page

For the Luddites the same photos are here on the
Holtys Photos  Webpage . 
Remember to click on your photo to enlarge it BEFORE you copied it  and as usual if it is all too hard , ask your grandkids .  Yes Im serious .

LAST YEARS  photos  links are here if you are interested  .  

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Downunder Beachfest 2017 Photos

Went back up to Caloundra Qld  for the 3rd Downunder Beachfest  .  Photos are  on Holtys Photos Facebook page as well as on  Holtys Photos webpage  .

Here is a link to their webpage  and also last years album if you are interested .

Downunder Beachfest 2016 photos  on Holtys Photos SmugMug  site .

AFJSA V8 Superboats Photos . Rnd 4 Tweed Coast NSW

If you have never seen these guys and girls live   your missing out on something special  . 1000 hp  in a 12 foot tinny , love it . 

As usual an album is on Holtys Photos Facebook page here 

But far better  quality ( of the same photos )  are here on the web page 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Masters of Morgan Park 2017 Photos ( Saturday )

Went up to Morgan Park for the first time to have a look at some old clunker motorbike racing .  Bottom line , looks like a great track to race on especially  the "full " circuit   but the spectator areas  have been forgotten with the track extension  .   Spectators CANT access it and in most parts cant even see the  new circuit  from existing  areas.   A fellow  new Canon user found me so we had a play  around the bridge for an hour or  so and then I came home .  Next venue will be Lakeside  for the Lord of the Lake in September  so here is  hoping  "spectators"  can  see the whole track  from Spectator Areas.   Whinge over .   

A few photos are in an album on Holtys Photos Facebook page if you are interested  .

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

North Coast Road Racers NEW Website NCRR

For those that dont already know I sometimes  go and take a few photos  of the NCRRs  race days currently held at Lismore Kart Club   Lismore NSW  ,  on the Kart Track at  Mountainview  Grafton  and  twice this year at  Oakburn Park Tamworth  .   Sometimes called "bucket racing" where you race ( or ride )  approved motorbikes up to 500cc in certain classes  covering ages from  7 to 67  ( Oldest I have met so far )  on Kart Tracks   with speeds less than 100 kph .  Why ? great for  some people to keep their eye and reflexes in or of more importance , a great training ground  for any budding  road racers or just for kids to learn how to ride  their bikes on asphalt  . 

And it would be somewhat amiss of me not to throw in a few "happy snaps"  of incidents I like or  made me laugh  from the last event I was at . There is a LOT of that with these guys and girls and that is the  main reason I follow them . Holty...

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cruzin Nostalgia Drags and Hot Rod Reunion April 2017 Willowbank Raceway Photos

Went  up to the Willowbank Raceway  on the 29th and 30th  of April  for the Nostalgia Drags to see if I could  get some twilight pics if possible .. . The album   is  on Holtys Facebook  page  as usual and on the website  HERE  .     April 2017 Nostalgia Drags Photos 

This is a link to an album  with some I took  in August  2016 ( last year)  if anyone is interested .

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Austin 7 National Tour 2017 Photos Toowoomba Qld

Went up to Toowoomba for a few days in April to photograph the  2017 Austin 7 National Tour  . My aim was to get photos of them "out and about " the district  rather than  in  static displays   unless I  found them  at locations with period correct backgrounds   .

I have  put and album on Holtys Photos Facebook page HERE   with a few photos  from each day .

 Of more importance to ALL the entrants especially Non Facebook users   ALL the  photos   at a higher resolution and better quality  will be on the Holtys Photos  website HERE .    Remember to "click" on your photo to enlarge it BEFORE   you download it  or  Just ask your grandkids to do it for you ....

Looked forward to this  and yes , I got a haircut for the occasion  .

Holty ,The Hirsute Photographer