Monday, January 27, 2014

Australia Day 2014 at Coraki .

I went via Woodburn to get a couple of photos of the Diggers leaving on their Poker Run then to Coraki for The Australia Day  to get a few photos of mainly cars but as usual  I met a few people and a photo is worth a 1000 words .The last photo is of C.J   , the lead singer in a local band called Redstone into 60 and 70s rock stuff if you need some good dance music , even I  knew most of it ... 

The Northern NSW Diggers MMC  Poker Run.

My guess is maybe 80 or 90  .

Its Australia Day as long as my arse points down

Some of the street happenings at Coraki

They don't need an Ipad , just some soapy water . :)

Richmond Terrace Coraki looking north . Most of the street was blocked off for the party.

These guys came from The Channon for the day .
The Long and the Short of it . Nice people , ALL of them .
C. J from the local Northern Rivers band ,REDSTONE  , good music.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Great Eastern Fly-In 2014

It looks like it is getting bigger and better each year and good luck to all involved . As usual I guess these occasions don't happen without a few thousand hours of volunteer labour involved . Perfect weather helped and if you go on the Sunday a lot of car clubs put on a bit of a Show and Shine event ..

Holtys Photos on Facebook.

Ballina Twilight Show and Shine 2014

Just back and had fun , many thanks to the people on the  vehicle entry gate that let me in early to get  the photos I was chasing   without the usual crappy background stuff . I have put 50 photos on my Photobucket  site if you want to look  .

Ballina Twilight Show and Shine Photos  link