Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fiducian Australian PGA Seniors Championship at Byron Bay Golf Club.

Spent Sunday at Byron Bay Golf Club watching some of the seniors .

Started off a nice day , then turned ugly . I watched the guys practice for a few hours then followed the main group around 6 holes until I got soaked (Rain , not drunk :)) . They ALL have rhythm , most maintain their spine angle AND finish their swing .

Peter Senior is what can best be described as an "Aussie Battler " . He did "nothing" apart from holding it all together as the rest of the field went backwards in the crap weather. His rounds of 72 , 63 , 72 speak for themselves and the 72 on Sunday was as good as 63 .

A few photos in the album under "golf" then "byron bay golf" folder.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coraki Vets visit Bonalbo Golf Club

11 of the Coraki Veterans golfers spent Tuesday at the Bonalbo Golf Club OVER 50 Open Day.

A great little club associated with the bowling club and with less than 10 golfing members the 25/30 visitors swelled the field and maybe helped filled the coffers a little.

Anyway we had a great day with a little golf , plenty of laughs a few beers to go with the excellent lunch provided and a Max joke to finish off the day ( A VETS ritual but it usually starts with one ) .

Well done Bonalbo and I have added .a few photos to the album


On with the Handbrake at Coraki Golf Today

Just got home after playing Vets golf at Coraki and played with someone that at best is a cheat amongst other things . Told me VERY early in the round he needed to have 73 net to save his handicap for the George Gooley Open in a few weeks and needed to get to 12 . The sad part is he was playing that well overall he should have almost had par off the stick reaching pars 5s in 2 etc. Yes , hes a vet , had a 38 or so on the front with an OB , scrambled beautifully and putted out of his shoes , UNTIL THE LAST 3 HOLES AND HAD 11 or 12 putts including 3 putting from 2 feet with an open putter face !

Yep I lost it , called him ever expletive I know , "You f ..... g , ch......g c....t and it was water off a ducks back. He didn't give a stuff . A VERY VERY SAD way to live your life if the only highlight is cheating at golf .

OK , OFF the soapbox . The rest of the vets , or at least the guys I have played with are a great bunch of blokes.


Monday, September 28, 2009


September 26th and 27th .

Added some new photos of the NRCMCC RALLY 2009 to my Photobucket site. Click on the highlighted link to go straight to the album if you wish to view and copy any. Make sure you click on the photo to enlarge it BEFORE you copy it .

A good weekend seemed to be had by all including me until the old girl got a flat front tire early on Sunday . Bummer , and many thanks to Eric for getting us both home . I would join this club if they had a few daylight meetings , yep old eyes . :)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

NRCMCC Sunday 16th August

The Northern Rivers Classic Motor Cycle Club
The photos tell the story, normal people doing normal things with some VERY nice motorbikes..

Of ALL the bikes these people own its a little Aermacchi that's my pick. Yep even over the Beem and sidecar.(sorry dogs)

Sunday 16TH August Photos.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coraki Veterans Golf 30/7/2009

I play with the Coraki vets on a Thursday morning , 8.30 shotgun start , cards drawn from a hat to ensure "no clique clubs" meaning different playing partners every week and usually a stroke event . With about 60 members and around 40 or more playing weekly you quickly realise these are a special bunch of blokes. About 4 or 5 come from around Coraki , the rest come from many miles around the district often driving past bigger clubs to get here. You work it out .!

These photos where taken today with the legend Charlie Hannah putting me into runner up with our vets handicap .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2009 Ariel motorbike rally

I heard them over the river , about 80 or more heading northwest . They seemed to go on forever so I gathered they must have stopped for fuel . Yep , the Australian Ariel Register around the Northern Rivers of NSW for their 2009 rally so off with camera in hand to track them down . Unfortunately the weather was on par for this time of year but they seemed to be having fun .

This photo is some of them arriving at the South Ballina Ferry and use this link below to take you to another 70 Ariel photos on my PhotoBucket site , about the 1st 4 pages are Ariels , the rest are NRCMCC photos from a "Slow Ride Day" .
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