Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vision Golf Ball Testing 2010

 Thursday ... Played with the "yellow" , VERY easy to locate on the fairway and even in the rough on a very  overcast day . They DON'T float  and was about a club shorter than my normal ball  .  Won the "putts"  with 25 including a 3 so will gladly  give 10 to have those putting stats ANY DAY..   IT seemed to roll  "very cleanly"   if that makes sense   .

Having a bit of fun testing some golf balls from Vision Golf  ,  No , they are NOT freebies  :)
Anyway   I have spent about 10 hours  pitching , putting , chipping  and up to a 7 iron " in"    with these and a few control balls as well  comparing  apples and oranges .  My normal ball was a Titleist NXT Tour  and now a 2010 DT Solo( to give you some idea of what I wack ) and used a few Srixon SFs in the tests as well . I don't like "rocks" and cant compress the "big boys" balls either... so that's why I like Solos . Not as long off the tee but I like it around the green.    I will add to this blog after next Thursday as I am going to play a comp round with  the Visions to see how I go ..


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lismore Rodeo 2010 APRA

Went to the Lismore Show to photograph sections of the rodeo .  Surprising for it to even be on after all the rain over the past week or so   and from memory the last rodeo I went to was in Darwin 1974 and then back to Fanny Bay Pub but that is another story....:)
I want to have another go at this , maybe under lights and not so dusty . 

 Some of the photos look "foggy" (like this one) but that is  dust from the fill used to try and dry out the arena.
If your interested I  I have chucked a few pics on  PhotoBucket

Saturday, October 9, 2010

ITS raining on the Rivers ( Northern )

Bored out of my tree so have just set up a test album   to play with  . It ONLY  has motorbike photos ,  something old , something new......

Motorbike FUN

Sunday, September 26, 2010

NRCMCC 2010 Rally

Spent most of yesterday playing with the 7D photographing day 1 of the Northern Rivers Classic Motorcycle Club 2010 Rally .
The Canon is NOT an easy camera to sort out but I will get there. Don't think the auto focus is spot on and it may get a bit "confused" .Only my thoughts and a bit too early to critique .

Anyway the photos are here on my Photobucket site and be warned , some files are up to 3.5 Meg.. Great to copy but SLOOOOW to download...

NRCMCC 2010 Rally Day 1 Photos

More photos SOON as I have just discovered Lismore Go Kart Track. :)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Woodenbong Vets Open Golf Day

Just back from another great veterans Open golf day at Woodenbong Golf Club . I played there 2 years ago and the course has improved greatly since getting the watering system .

The course was excellent condition , greens very true with brilliant weather and to see only 60 or so names on the board , a bit sad.

Little clubs like this need the support of the "big boys" .

Anyway , I played with 3 great guys , from Bonalbo , Kyogle and Casino and enjoyed the day and its looks like the "burg boys" , as in burglar ALL wear RED !

Hacker Holty...
12 - 22 with 4 wipes

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Golf Courses

Thinking about Golf Courses I have played over the years and considering I hang them up for 10 years at a time after 2 years or so ! There are a few more course I will add once the brain kicks in ....

No order ( as and when I remember them basically ) and no preference , "memories" will usually win , a couple of "hole in one s" but no big deal , I was playing shit and jagged them .

The best memories are Bingo Bango Bongo with a few mates at Dorrigo before lunch at the top pub.. Yep , even better than Bonville or Terry Hills . NO , my head covers dont match , sometimes getting socks to is hard enough ......

Hacker Holty.....

Up around here
  1. Bonville , love it
  2. Kyogle
  3. Lawrence
  4. Coutts Crossing
  5. Teven
  6. Twin Towns
  7. Yamba
  8. Bellingen
  9. Dorrigo , love it , the change in altitude in 30 minutes is amazing
  10. Urunga
  11. Bowraville
  12. Westlawn Golf Club Grafton in the middle of the racecourse ! Fun!
  13. Nambucca Heads , almost killed a fisherman
  14. Woolgoolga , nice hidden treasure
  15. Grafton
  16. Maclean , my favourite up here and when they get fairway watering look out the rest of you .
  17. Yamba
  18. Iluka
  19. Woodburn Evans Head
  20. Coraki , my home course because of the friendly "VETS" club...
  21. Lismore
  22. Casino , love those greens
  23. Byron Bay
  24. Bonalbo, hang in there guys
  25. Woodenbong , ditto
  26. Ocean Shores , nice greens and "FOOD"
  27. Mullumbimby
  28. Murwillimbah

Mid North Coast
  1. Forster
  2. Tuncurry
  3. Buladealah
  4. Camden Haven
  5. Cresent Head
  6. Krambach
  7. Gloucester
  8. Karuah
  9. Sandbar
  10. Taree

Down there
  1. Bayview My EX Sydney club 15/20 years ago
  2. Mona Vale
  3. Palm Beach
  4. Royal Avalon
  5. Warringah
  6. Ashlar
  7. Balgowlah
  8. Wakehurst , love it , if you have a good round here :) My Ex club 30 plus years ago and you had to pick up a rock on each fairway on comp days . TRUE
  9. Roseville
  10. Monash
  11. Terry Hills
  12. BonnieDoon
  13. Camden Lakeside
  14. Castle Cove
  15. Hudson Park
  16. Lane Cove
  17. Long Reef
  18. North Turramurra
  19. Windsor
  20. Castle Hill

Down South

  1. Mollymook top and bottom
  2. Eden
  3. Pambula

Out West

  1. Lithgow
  2. Blackheath
  3. Katoomba

Somewhere Else . I will move these later . Walked a few courses as I did my back in before going down for the 2008 NALG ....
  1. Lord Howe Island
  2. Cypress Lakes
  3. Royal Hobart
  4. Tasmanian . This is a nice course , my favourite in Tassie .
  5. Bothwell
  6. Claremont
  7. Bowral

New Zealand South Island (over there with the WALG lefties 2008)

  1. Millbrook
  2. Jacks Point
  3. Arrowtown This place kicks arse . My most memorable course to date anywhere.
  4. Kelvin Heights
  5. Reefton
  6. Akaroa
  7. Harewood

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Across Australia revisited 30 years later

Just got to see these photos for the first time yesterday . They were taken on a motorbike trip across Australia and back by a group (mainly locals ) starting from Yamba . Me EX Sydney at the time . Most bikes were Honda 600s and made dirt / sand riding interesting to say the least as we were carrying 50 plus kilos of gear . It felt like only a few years ago , WRONG almost 30 !

A link to the photos on my Photobucket site
Motorbikes across Australia

Note : Not my photos , taken by Don Best who at the time was living in the Northern Rivers .

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Holty Day

Had to go down past Grafton to look at some "work stuff" and on the way home dropped into Westlawn Golf Course , a very well maintained 9 hole course in the middle of Grafton racecourse . Yep smack in the middle of a horse track and while it isn't Bonville it was fun and has surprisingly true greens . (better than some I have played at ) . Next off to Lawrence Pub for lunch on the way home , whiting and salad $12 , a few lights , too easy , but the ferry is closed until 3pm for whatever reason . OK up to Lawrence Golf Club to fill in an hour or two and yes , this means in one day I have played golf on 2 9 hole golf courses in the middle of horse race tracks . Complete opposites but both unique in their own rights .
I know these aren't courses for the matching bag , buggy and clothes set but I love them . Only Woopi and Ballina to go stay tuned and then I'm off to play a "sand green course" somewhere .

Photos as usual in the "GOLF" album


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day Golf at Wardell Recreational Grounds

Just back from golf at the Wardell Sporting Recreational and Golf Club.A great morning starting with an 8$ big breakfast and finishing with a few beers.
A great little club with a 9 hole course set up "around" the existing sporting fields so footy goal posts can become a man made hazard but then again a "friendly bounce" off the concrete cricket pitch balances this out. Photos added to the "golf" album as usual .


Sunday, January 17, 2010

North Coast Street Machines 2010 Ballina

Spent a few hours this morning in Ballina at the 2010 North Coast Street Machines Show and Shine car show . Not really a Hot Rod show as motor vehicles covered all facets and had a lot of fun with my cameras. Haven't been to a show like this since Bankstown Square in Sydney about 30 years ago . I will add captions to some of the photos later , but a lot of memory joggers for ANY baby boomers. Triple SUs , panel vans , pommie blowers on little cars , no not turbos !!!!! big block big buck stuff and the right background music from the DJ .

Stuff the doofs doofs and turboed Jap stuff ...... OOPs , showing my age pops !

As usual photos can be viewed and copied (by clicking on the link below) on PhotoBucket and make sure to enlarge them BEFORE you copy . Yes dear !

North Coast Street Machines 2010 Annual Show and Shine


Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Great Eastern Fly In Evans Head Aerodrome

Just back from Evans Head Aerodrome watching part of the Fly In. This year is the 70 th anniversary since its usage in WW2. Seemed a very well organised event with additional stands ,vintage cars , rides on assorted planes and ultralights etc .

Ill stick to fighting off B doubles on the Pacific Highway on my bike . Got motion sickness trying to keep up with the aerobatics plane with my camera while standing on the ground !!!.

I have put the photos on Photobucket so anyone can copy them if they wish . Click on the "Photos Here" link below.

Photos Here

Note : The album includes the motor car photos we spoke about.