Thursday, March 22, 2012

Write It DOWN

Now hitting the big  "SIX O" I'm  going to do something I have wanted to do since sitting with Hazel and Vicki Peyton on their back verandah drinking ECCAS beers on Lord Howe Island  many , many years ago   .
 I am going to set up a site or blog called "Write It Down "  .


 Like most unpretentious  mature aged people I have met in  my lifetime  ( like Hazel ) they have more experience  and knowledge  about life than we will ever have . ( SHIT , I'm there ! now write it down)

  • Yeah , Yeah  , at 15 WE KNOW everything about everything and talk in mono syllabic   ,YEP , DUNNO, NAH and talk to our parents like they are crap  .
  • At 20 ish  we all know what we are chasing unless we haven't already found it and have 3 kids 
  • 30 ish  fill in your own gaps  but maybe start to listen , maybe  
  • 40 ish DITTO  ( life begins for some of us ) maybe ?:)
The amount of people I have met over the past 20 years or so and  I have said "write it down for the kids" or something similar would be 10 , 20 , 30 ???

Their knowledge is the future history of our country and unfortunately digital photography will create huge gaps in this  because we ALL don't back up files do we . Guilty...Me TOO  . I have print albums 40 years old :( Archived digital maybe 10 at most)

This sounds a bit negative reading it back but  it isn't meant to be  , I have had to  date the most wonderful and rewarding life and regret nothing,  not even the tears ( yep blokes cry , admit it you wankers ) but know if I don't document some of this stuff it will be lost  forever .

  • The 74 floods when I rode / floated around Oz on a /5 BMW 
  • Fanny Bay Pub in the riot 
  • 8.8 kilo salmon off the beach south of Lake Tabourie on 12 lb line . YES 8.8  They thought it was a kingie ...
  • Cleos Fremantle and 30 games of pool in a day without loosing one 
  • Platform shoes and the Sydney "rag trade" , Hi Gozza 
  • Morris Minor 1000 convertible for 80 bucks
  • Working your arse off for 13 dollars a WEEK
It will more than likely be a blog so others can  chuck their "2 bobs worth" in  . If you don't know , 2 bob  is 20 cents  but then worth  about two dollars . 

Holty .
PS . Breathing is good..
PPS ,Lolla , sorry about my grammeeeeer