Monday, May 20, 2013

Million Paws Walk 2013 The Gold Coast

I took the cameras up to  the  Gold Coast    yesterday for the Million Paws Walk at  Broadwater Parklands on Marine Parade, Southport   to photograph some of the antics of the dogs and their owners on this special day.
 My brief was to get photos of dogs and owners you would not normally see,and if possible some of owners that look like their dogs . :)  It was a great morning with perfect weather and my best "guesstimate"  was well over 1000 dogs .  I'm like my old man with animals usually come before people  and I can honestly say the vibes around there yesterday were exceptional  .  Not the slightest hint of agro from either dogs or owners considering they came in all ages , shapes and sizes .  ( Yes , BOTH  ) .

Well done to all the volunteers that must have put in many 100s of hours to make this even happen .

When I get time I will put 30 or 40 photos on my Photobucket  site and as usual feel free to copy any you wish but you will need to post edit to suit your monitors .

Holty and "my" kids .

The Arena

A few of the Gold Coast Titans leading the walk

They just kept on coming

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Too tall to be Paris
"Love me , love my dog!"
It is the Gold Coast ! :)