Sunday, October 28, 2012

Grafton Jacaranda Festival 2012

I went down to Grafton early yesterday morning to work out some photo location points for next weekend and took a few photos including the start of the Grafton to Inverell Cycling Classic while I was there .  I went back this morning for the Grafton Vintage Motor Vehicle Club  car show , the wooden boat display at Corcoran Park and even snapped a few happy belly dancers at the showground ..

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ballina Monster Trucks

God bless America and the 1st time I  have heard  "The Star Spangled Banner " in OZ
I neeeded this in Sydney 30 years ago .
Never smile at a crocodile or alligator :)
A very special breed of people.Once I get this sorted I will have another go .

Spent an hour there today at the  Ballina Seagulls Rugby League Club  oval before it got too dark as I  wanted to have a go at photographing the kids on bikes ,  they are nutters . There is 25 photos on Photobucket if you are interested ,  some of the trucks and about 10 of the kids on bikes.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue


I follow these guys on Facebook and usually just have to  "man up " and say nothing  but this little guy has got to me because he seems to have  done nothing wrong and  more than likely has given his owner's 7 years of love and affection and now  gets the flick .  You CAN take them with you . A  friend took her dog  back to the States . Getting them back into Australia is a different matter and a LOT harder .

See the Sami story on their main website via the link below  and I take my hat off to Jill and all the helpers that make these rescues  happen  especially the photographers  . I couldnt do it , I would want to bring them ALL home ...:)

Sami's Story