Tuesday, May 30, 2017

AFJSA V8 Superboats Photos . Rnd 4 Tweed Coast NSW

If you have never seen these guys and girls live   your missing out on something special  . 1000 hp  in a 12 foot tinny , love it . 

As usual an album is on Holtys Photos Facebook page here 

But far better  quality ( of the same photos )  are here on the web page 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Masters of Morgan Park 2017 Photos ( Saturday )

Went up to Morgan Park for the first time to have a look at some old clunker motorbike racing .  Bottom line , looks like a great track to race on especially  the "full " circuit   but the spectator areas  have been forgotten with the track extension  .   Spectators CANT access it and in most parts cant even see the  new circuit  from existing  areas.   A fellow  new Canon user found me so we had a play  around the bridge for an hour or  so and then I came home .  Next venue will be Lakeside  for the Lord of the Lake in September  so here is  hoping  "spectators"  can  see the whole track  from Spectator Areas.   Whinge over .   

A few photos are in an album on Holtys Photos Facebook page if you are interested  .

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

North Coast Road Racers NEW Website NCRR

For those that dont already know I sometimes  go and take a few photos  of the NCRRs  race days currently held at Lismore Kart Club   Lismore NSW  ,  on the Kart Track at  Mountainview  Grafton  and  twice this year at  Oakburn Park Tamworth  .   Sometimes called "bucket racing" where you race ( or ride )  approved motorbikes up to 500cc in certain classes  covering ages from  7 to 67  ( Oldest I have met so far )  on Kart Tracks   with speeds less than 100 kph .  Why ? great for  some people to keep their eye and reflexes in or of more importance , a great training ground  for any budding  road racers or just for kids to learn how to ride  their bikes on asphalt  . 

And it would be somewhat amiss of me not to throw in a few "happy snaps"  of incidents I like or  made me laugh  from the last event I was at . There is a LOT of that with these guys and girls and that is the  main reason I follow them . Holty...