Saturday, December 7, 2013

Burringbar District Sports Club 1st Show and Shine 2013

This GT Falcon  shook its way across the car park .

Just back from  the Burringbar Sports Clubs   first ever attempt at a Annual Show and Shine  , and isn't it a hidden venue .  Hopefully the word gets out and a heap more  custom cars ,bikes  and hot rods turn up for next years event , the location and setup of the facilities are perfect . It looks like the community gets involved and after talking to  a lot of locals including an "Old Lawn Bowler" ( bottom photo ) they have about 30 lawn bowlers  as well as cricket nets a cricket pitch , footy fields ( under lights) and what looks like a healthy touch footy competition happening  , a proper little community .
Of more interest to me is the location for photographs with the sun always over your shoulder and a pretty good  uncluttered background so I'm not forever editing out  telegraph poles  , garbo bins and other assorted crap .   Well done to Mark and all the others others involved , see you next year . Holty..

As usual you can find about 50 photos at around 1200 pixels and 500 kb  to copy if you wish  here .

Holtys Photos  on Face book .

I want one of those Darls ! :)

The same reason I own a ute , it isn't so far to bend over . :)

No idea but I hope he gets a copy .

Big kids , little kids . :)

The engine room .

Have a beer through the 2 way bar. :)

Old Bowlers never die , they just get their photos on the wall !  A couple of "born and bred  locals:)

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