Friday, February 14, 2014

Revs and Rockabilly Photos 2014

Muscle Cars

Revs N Rockabilly photos taken at Pioneer Country Tweed Heads yesterday . There are about 100 photos , some are double ups as I'm playing with new gear and new software trying to outsmart Facebook's  poxy photo upload restrictions . Ever wondered why any photo you upload looks crap on there , its because they "flatten"  files DOWN by up to 80%  , JPEG and Tiff. .

BTW:   If you are looking for "your" photo  they are roughly in timeline and you may be on there twice in different locations . IE: coming in off the road , coming out of the cow paddock  and or   static displays  if I could get in close without too much background noise .

 As usual click on the magnifier to enlarge and feel free to take what you wish .

One day I will get this right.

Mellow Yellow.

Pump Up.

Red and Yellow make .....

Shit happens , missed it by half a second ..
Rays Honda , like bees around a honey pot . He is one clever man .

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