Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Garterbelts and Gasoline 2014 Photos ( Saturday ONLY )

I rocked up to Tamborine Mt  on Saturday to check out the Billy Cart Derby and then cruised around to get a few photos of some of the cars on and around the mountain . I was going back Sunday but crowds and I don't go together and I could see parking was going to be an issue  . .   Nice location that reminds me of Leura or Blackheath in NSW but a lot smaller  .

Got a few Holty Happy Snaps  and I will put a link on here later this week when I wack them on Photobcket..

We were ALL freezing , I didnt see them or their cars again !

Mums and Dads with their "jockeys"
The "real " mountains in the background.
Red , White and Blue..

"Daisy Chaining " them back UP the hill.

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