Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Animal Rescue Dogs

 Zoe  " The Flea" almost 12 months on . I found her on an animal rescue  website  called   Pet Rescue  after contacting  Jack Russel Rescue to see if they had  a suitable pup available .Like most rescue shelter people I have met or talked to they ALL need to be knighted .

The 1st photo was taken the morning I picked her up and we are coming down the "hill"  from  Armidale Animal Shelter  back to the coast .  It had snowed up there a few days before and was freezing  .

The 2nd photo was taken the next morning at Airforce Beach and was interesting to see a "bush" dog meet the ocean , sand and about  20 degrees warmer  . I put them on collars and a 30 foot lead and within a few minutes Puki was
 walking the "new kid"  . He has always had the Patience of Job and his current situation is like us looking after  a grandkid 24/7 !  YEP.

The 3rd photo was taken yesterday and as you can see she is no longer a bag of bones and has developed into a wonderful little dog that has conned everyone she comes into contact with including the 45 kilo Rotty cross that lives here . Within a day or two she became HIS little sister and they are now the best mates even eating out
 of the SAME bowl ..

So why the post ?  

There are hundreds of thousands of dogs like Zoe put down every year in this country through no fault of their own . If you are thinking of getting a pup or dog  how about contacting a shelter or rescure  first ?   

Holty ( and the kids)

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