Friday, September 28, 2012

NRCMCC 2012 Rally Photos Friday and Saturday.

Eltham Hotel for lunch

Had a great lazy day  following ( or waiting for ) the pre 1960s bikes  in and around  Uralba , Eltham and Teven  on the 1st day of the 2012 Rally.. My objective was to find locations with no "datable" backgrounds to age the photos  so as long as the riders were wearing  open face style helmets  it is hard to tell at first glance how old the photo is once I have a play with them . .    Lunch was at the Eltham Pub  and I can say after my sister and I had lunch there yesterday it is a great venue with excellent food and friendly courteous staff . .

I have put  few of today's photos on Photobucket in an album   called   Fridays Photos  .

 I got  back today  and took more photos and   put them in an album called   Saturday Photos  so you can now search  by specific day and the photos are in a timeline order  .

These three photos are an example / attempt of what I'm playing with .

A beautiful little Triumph in very original condition.

My photo of the day and almost the last one taken .
Stick Shifting up Uralba hill.

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