Friday, September 14, 2012

Testing Dragon Naturally Speaking12 Premium Wireless

 Updated 28th  . While the program  has potential the extreme learning curve required may put a lot of users off , me included .  I have spent maybe 20 to 30 hours training it including letting it read all my old emails , blogs , webpage typing styles etc and it still has issues sometimes .  If I was to continue using it I would also look at a different headset that is more stable and stays in place . I have trouble keeping the mouth piece in the same location especially wearing glasses . 

 I'm typing this  test blog  using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Wireless     that I purchased from the Australian  supplier and  now testing it to see how it goes without having to use a keyboard.  For what ever reason, keyboards and I don't get on anymore but that's another story .:)

 I am "typing this, standing up", about 5 feet from the monitor with my arms crossed and using the Plantronics blue tooth headset that came in the kit..  I have only been using it for half a day, but I think, if you have a reasonably new PC, with enough guts to run the program ( read their specs and then add some ) , and enough time to "teach it " your personal idiosyncrasies it is a viable option for anybody with a slight impairment or worse , or anybody with poor typing skills that does a lot of typing . Budding authors , anyone that still  "hunts and pecks "  and the list goes on .

 I will update  this post then go online and edit, as and when I see any improvement in my technique.

Holty .


Be patient ,
Try and learn Photoshop in a week , you have more chance of flying to the MOON  !!!!!!...

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